WK Marble & Granite Pty Ltd® is Australia’s leading distributor of both natural and engineered stone under the WK Stone and Quantum Quartz brands. QuantumSix+® porcelain sheets are the most recent addition to WK®’s premium range of products; advanced designs with a thickness of just 6mm, and 12mm in select colours. WK-Quantum Quartz® was established under Australian ownership in 1989, providing innovative design options to the architectural and design communities as well as homeowners.

With an inventory exceeding 30,000 slabs of stone located across Sydney, Melbourne and Gold Coast locations, WK® can immediately supply stone and tiles for your large project. The selection of surfaces within WK®’s inventory includes over 40 varieties of Quantum Quartz® (engineered stone), 10 QuantumSix+® porcelain options and 150 varieties of natural stone.

The varieties of stone within the WK-Quantum Quartz® collection are divided into six different colour assortments.

The first collection available is the “CLASSIC WHITES” range which has fifteen various shades of white stone designs, perfect for brightening up any room.

The next collection is the “SPECKLED LIGHTS” range which contains five different light-coloured stone slab designs, with smaller stones giving the surface a speckled appearance.

The “EARTH TONES – LIGHT” collection has nine different light, earthy-toned stone designs with variations of surface patterns including marbled, speckled and concrete.

Like the previous collection, the “EARTH TONES – DARK” range is made up of eight darker, earthy-toned stone designs with similar, varying patterns on each surface.

The “REFLECTIVES” collection is a small range of three different stone designs; however, ranks high in the luxury category. Little flecks of shiny, reflective grains within the stone give it a very chic look.

The final collection is the “BRILLIANT BLACKS” range which consists of three black stone designs with varying patterns; marbled, speckled and reflective.

Within the WK-QuantumSix+® inventory, there is a selection of ten different stone slab designs, split into three series. They are divided up according to their surface pattern; marble, stone and industrial. They have 6mm and 12mm slabs available in selected colours.

The WK® inventory is primarily made up of natural stone slabs, available in an extensive range of colours and designs.

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