Smartstone® was first established back in 2002 and is a fast-growing distributor of engineered quartz surfaces around Australia and has recently expanded its distribution on an international scale. Smartstone® is a dependable source for any engineered quartz surface, a particularly popular choice being kitchen benchtops. Professionals such as architects, interior designers, renovators, builders & developers, all rely on the Smartstone® brand for high-quality products for numerous interior applications; both residentially and commercially.

The Smartstone® brand prides itself on manufacturing products that meet the highest standards of beauty and quality. Not only are Smartstone® products such good value; extreme durability and low moisture absorption mean there is a much lower risk of damage and staining than if a natural stone, such as marble, was used instead.

All Smartstone® quartz surfaces are manufactured with a combination of pigments and resins, and a minimum of 93% quartz; creating a highly durable surface. Smartstone® products can be fitted virtually anywhere indoors for either residential or commercial applications. Due to its non-porous quality, Smartstone® engineered stone is ideal for kitchen benchtops, bathroom vanities, even as wall panelling or a kitchen splashback.

Every Smartstone® creation produced is unique; each slab of stone manufactured will have its own unique colour and pattern, giving it the authentic look of natural stone. Smartstone® also offers two types of finishes; polished or honed, depending on the desired overall appearance of the room.

Smartstone®’s range of stone surfaces is available in a variety of colours and finishes to add a touch of luxury to any room. Smartstone® has five unique collections, all selected based on the composition of colours and patterns of the stone surface.

The “Naturale” collection includes five very classic, honed stone surfaces in both white and grey. The surface on four of the five of the stones has a grainy pattern, while the fifth has a soft marble effect.

To brighten up any room, Smartstone®’s “Santorini” collection contains six, crisp white stone surfaces, each with a different surface pattern. The inspiration comes from the Greek island of Santorini, with its idyllic whitewashed houses; any choice from this collection would brighten up a room brilliantly.

The “Toledo” collection was inspired by the ancient castle, stone walls and cobbled streets of the Spanish citadel. Its earthy-creamy palette provides the most beautiful range of colours for neutral surface designs.

Renowned for its sophistication and style, this collection was inspired by the city of love, “Paris”. Smartstone® designed this collection with colours that evoke facets of Parisian life; from stylish street scenes to elegant parks, and from café colours to the decor in grand French family homes.

The Italian city of Milan is famous for an innovative approach to design and fashion, making it the perfect name to lend to this stunning Smartstone® collection. Inspired by the city of Milan itself, the collection exudes “Euro-chic” designer style with its bold and modern surface shades.

naturale collection

Smartstone now offers the stylish look of honed stone surfaces, only smarter.

santorini collection

In no other destination in the world will you see white as bright as on the Greek island of Santorini with its idyllic whitewashed houses. And in no other surface range will you find equally sublime whites than in Smartstone’s Santorini Collection.

toledo collection

With its ancient castle, stone walls and cobbled streets, the Spanish citadel of Toledo is an enchanting place. Its earthy-creamy palette was the inspiration behind the Smartstone Toledo Collection, the most beautiful range of neutral surfaces available.

paris collection

This Smartstone Collection aptly takes its inspiration from a city renowned for its sophistication and style. Its colours evoke facets of Parisian life, from stylish street scenes to elegant parks, and from café colours to the decor in grand French family homes.

milan collection

Famously on the cutting edge of design and fashion, the Italian city of Milan lends its name to this stunning, directional Smartstone Collection. Like Milan itself, the collection is bold and modern, offering surfaces in shades that exude Euro-chic designer style.