Neolith® was launched in 2010 and has many extraordinary properties, making it suitable for a various number of applications around your home. Neolith® surfaces can be used in several different rooms, including the kitchen, bathroom, facades, furniture and other interior applications.

Any Neolith® stone surface is 100% natural and resin free; they are also made of up to 52% of recycled raw materials. With Neolith® being 100% natural, no harmful substances are released into the environment throughout the manufacturing process of their products.

  • Resistant to scratching and abrasion; due to the hardness of the surface.
  • Resistant to extreme temperatures; extremely low or high temperatures of the indoors or outdoors will not cause any damage to the surface.
  • Resistant to UV rays; exposure to the sun/extreme temperatures does not cause deterioration to colour as it is 100% natural.
  • Resistant to bending; high pressure or heavyweight will not cause the surface to bend.
  • Waterproof and liquid resistant; this makes the surface very hygienic as its low porosity stops liquids from absorbing into the stone.
  • Suitable for high traffic; due to the hardness of the surface, it can be placed in high traffic areas without the concern of any wear occurring on the surface.
  • Neolith® surfaces are light; with each 3mm slab weighing 7kg/m2 and the 12mm weighing 30kg/m2, installation is much quicker.

Neolith® has six different collections, each one with unique colours and designs to choose from.

  1. “Classtone” consists of white and black marble designs with a few beige/brown shades available as well.
  2. “Colorfeel” collection is made up of solid coloured surfaces including black, whites, greys and beige/browns.
  3. “Fusion” contains a mix of industrial, marble and speckled designs in various greys, whites and beige/browns.
  4. “Iron” collection is made up of five surfaces with a rusted texture, available mostly in greys and browns.
  5. “Steel” collection consists of only one design which has a similar look to the iron collection, however, is much darker in colour.
  6. “Timber” is the final collection and has only one design option available, which is a light coloured timber.

View the Neolith® collection below: