Essastone® quartz surfaces are made from the finest natural quartz and silica-based aggregates, high-quality resins and pigments to provide a non-porous homogeneous material. The composition of each stone slab varies marginally; therefore, each slab has a unique colour and pattern, with the same stain and scratch resistant surface. While the high content of natural quartz makes Essastone® remarkably resilient and virtually maintenance-free, no surface, including Essastone, is indestructible. Therefore, following care and maintenance guidelines will prolong the life of any Essastone® surface.

Essastone® uses the world’s leading manufacturers of engineered stone, who utilise the latest and most advanced manufacturing techniques for the highest quality products. Essastone® was developed in Australia for Australian preferences using the knowledge and colour leadership of Laminex®, Australia’s leading marketer, distributor and manufacturer of decorative surfaces.

While Essastone® is not recommended for outdoor applications, Essastone® products have many interior uses including (but not limited to) kitchen benchtops, splashbacks, fireplace surrounds, stairwells, flooring, and many more.

This expansive palette allows you to select the perfect soft veined. Or. The possibilities are endless, so be inspired.

Essastone® has an extensive colour palette that encompasses the textures and tones of our diverse Australian lifestyle. Combined with the Laminex® colour portfolio, you have access to an expansive collection of complementary benchtop and cabinetry options. The design possibilities are limitless, so get inspired!

For the ultimate Classic Hampton’s inspired kitchen, pair a soft veined Essastone® benchtop and a light grey Laminex® cabinetry. If you prefer that “urban loft” style, a robust Essastone® concrete tone with textured reclaimed timber-look Laminex® cabinetry.

Essastone® surfaces have a unique colour, pattern and finish on each stone slab; some slabs also have multiple stone surface finishes available to choose from. The finish options manufactured by Essastone® include:

Glossy – Finely polished to an ultrasmooth, highly reflective finish that intensifies the colour of the stone.

Matte/Honed – A smooth and even matte finish, pleasing to the touch and with minimal reflection.

Weathered – To create the appearance of a concrete slab weathered by the elements, a unique production process is used to develop shallow dimples, ripples and creases.

Igneous – An innovative matte finish with small areas of slightly higher gloss and a slightly uneven sub texture that produces a natural feel.